Kids Do Care, Ltd. (“Kids Do Care”) is a not-for-profit program that offers elementary school children the opportunity to understand the role and importance of our U.S. military. Our goal is to educate children about the courage and sacrifice, as well as the importance of our nation’s servicemen and women. It also fosters a bipartisan environment for children to engage in positive and thoughtful conversations about current events and conflict resolution, and to enable our nation’s youngest citizens to show their support and promote goodwill and appreciation towards our soldiers.

KidsDoCare is a partnership between the US Armed Forces and elementary schools around the country. The program arranges for military personnel to visit participating schools and speak with the children about their mission and what it means to receive their cards and letters. 

This presentation is supported by a grade appropriate curriculum, which includes a lesson plan on history and current events, as well as peer conflict resolution exercises and activities.

Participating elementary school teachers conclude the lesson by assisting their students with writing letters and personal greeting cards so they can share what they’ve learned. These letters are usually presented to the servicemen and women at a school assembly. The cards and letters are then forwarded to active military servicemen and women around the world as well as to individuals who have been injured while serving their country.


Kids Do Care was founded in 2006 by Jeffrey Pikus, President/CEO of Bluestar Properties, Inc.. The organization was inspired by his mother, and former elementary school teacher, Susan Pikus, who instructed her 3rd grade class to write letters to US Soldiers in Vietnan.  And on November 15, 1965, the children’s efforts were featured in a Wilmington (DE) Journal article “Pupils Write to G.I’s; Hi, How is it in Viet Nam?”


Since the War of Independence in 1775, more than 650,000 servicemen and women have sacrificed their lives to uphold, preserve and protect those values and principles envisioned under the Constitution.

Today, more than 1.4 million Americans volunteer to serve in the United States Armed Forces. Of that number, approximately 500,000 are either stationed or deployed overseas. Their missions range from peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts to enforcing our government’s foreign policies.


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