Kids Do Care was founded in 2006 by Jeffrey Pikus, President/CEO of Bluestar Properties, Inc.. The organization was inspired by his mother, and former elementary school teacher, Susan Pikus, who instructed her 3rd grade class to write letters to US Soldiers in Vietnan. And on November 15, 1965, the children’s efforts were featured in a Wilmington (DE) Journal article “Pupils Write to G.I’s: Hi, How is it in Viet Nam?”

In this article, it becomes evident that these 8-9 year old children were exposed to a small aspect of the human side of War. As one child writes, “we talk about you in school…,” while others recognize these courageous soldiers will not be home for the holidays. As many letters thanked the soldiers and told them not to get hurt, this experience taught these young students to have compassion for people they didn’t know.  As Susan Pikus stated, “The students wanted the soldiers in Vietnam to hear about what they were learning, and the fun things they were doing. 

In fact, over the past 17 years, thousands of letters have been sent to our servicemen and women overseas.  Currently, Kids Do Care continues to be both an educational and heartwarming project for all who participate. 

Kids Do Care!!